About Us

How It All Started

The story of us starts a long time ago and it hasn’t been an easy road. Like many we know there have been many mountains and valleys to climb.  Life throws us all kinds of challenges. Some big, some small, some incomprehensible. Through it all we chose love and have tried to pass this onto our children. 

Reconciliation between families after divorce and co-parenting. Pushing for the best amongst lots of hard in between and accepting love from everyone during the tragedy of losing the life of Matt & Becky’s 10 year old son Micaiah in May of 2021.

In response to our tragedy we also received nothing but love from our community! 

Family, friends and strangers alike all joined together to support and love us. As we have grieved and assessed everything in our lives one simple fact stood out! Life is too short and unpredictable to not live life to its fullest! 

Micaiah’s life showed this way of living! He loved and enjoyed living like no other. Using this as inspiration to live Wild & Free like Micaiah. We have decided to spread his love with you all by sharing his memories over a cup of coffee. With products we trust and companies that care Wild & Free Coffee Co. can be more than just coffee. It’s making decisions about what and who you are. The products you consume, your mindset , how you start your day and how you live your life!

That’s what Wild & Free Coffee Co is all about!